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Dr. LIUDMILA PIPIYA is Deputy Director for Research of the Institute for the Study of Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences. She graduated from the Economic Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1985 and took the postgraduate course in Institute of National Economy Forecasting of RAS in 1988-1992.

In 1993, Liudmila Pipiya presented her candidate dissertation at the Economic Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 1992-2005, she worked in Centre for Science Research and Statistics (CSRS) where she was promoted from the researcher to the chief of department.

In 2004 2008, Liudmila Pipiya directed the independent non-profit research organization Institute of Science, Innovation and Socio-Economic Programmes (ISISEP). Since November 2005, she holds a position of Deputy Director for Research of CSDS RAS.

Her professional interests relate to economic problems of Science and Technology and Innovation, S&T and Innovation policy, a variety of economic and social issues of the development of an innovation economy and a knowledge-based society. She is one of the key participants of the research teams, working for grants of Russian science foundations and state contracts. Among them are research projects, supported by the Russian Foundation for the Humanities, Developing System of Knowledge Economy Indicators on the Base of Best Foreign Practices in Formation of Innovation Economy (Research Project 06-02-04074); The Role of Government Institutions in Formation, Evolution and Interaction of National Innovation Systems (Research Project 07-02-04025).

Liudmila Pipiya participated in a number of international projects. In particular, she took part as a key Russian partner in such projects of the 6th EU Framework Programme as Research Collaboration in the Social and Human Sciences between Europe, Russia, other CIS countries and China GlobalSSH, Benchmarking Russia and Ukraine with respect to the Innovation TrendChart BRUIT.

E-mail: l.pipiya [at]

Selected publications:


  • L. Pipiya. Les transformations des sciences humaines et sociales en Russie // Revue Internationale d'Education, Sevres, n49, decembre 2008, p.51-60.
  • L. Pipiya. Modern trends in Formation of Research and Innovation Policy // Innovatsii [Innovations]. No. 12 (122), December, 2008, pp. 75-88 (in Russian)
  • L. Pipiya. Government Support of Research and Innovations for Sustainable Development Towards Goal-oriented Science and Technology Model.
    //Innovatsii [Innovations]. No. 01 (111), January, 2008, pp. 56-62 (in Russian)
  • L.E. Mindeli, L.K. Pipiya. Conceptual Aspects of Formation of a Knowledge Economy.
    // Problemi Prognozirovania [Problems of Forecasting]. No. 3 (102), 2007, pp. 115-136. (in Russian)
  • Mindeli, L. E., and Pipiya, L. K. Conceptual Aspects of Formation of a Knowledge-based Economy.
    //Studies on Russian Economic Development, 2007, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 314-327.
  • V. Zavarukhin, L. Pipiya. Institutional Landscape and Research Policy for SSH in Russia. GlobalSSH project, February 2007, 46 p.
  • L. Pipiya. Policy Demand and Existing Measuring Capability for the Knowledge Economy.
    //Innovatsii [Innovations]. No. 10 (97), November, 2006, pp. 78-87. (in Russian)
  • Pipiya, L.K., Zubova, L.G. Problems of Reproduction of R&D Personnel.
    //The Science and the Science of Science. No.4, 2004, pp. 59-70.
  • Mindeli, L. E., and Pipiya, L. K. How is Basic Science in Russia to be Preserved?
    //Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2002, Volume 72, No. 2, pp. 99-106. (in Russian)

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