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Basic Research in Russia: Status and Perspectives

Basic Research in Russia: Status and Perspectives

/ Ed. L.E. Mindeli – Moscow: ISS RAS, 2008. – 232 p. – ISBN 978-5-91294-016-3 (in Russian)
The new edition presents a long-term forecast of the basic research in Russia, based on the analysis of current status and problems of the Russian fundamental science. Scenarios, developed in ‘Long-term Concept of Socio-economic Development of The Russian Federation’, as well as quantitative and qualitative (thematic forecast by direction and field of science) trends in the fundamental science served as a starting point of the forecast. The book discusses new trends of basic research such as enhancement of its practical role, extension of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research. The publication also contains policy recommendations aimed at the formation of a new image of the Russian academy science.
The monograph is addressed to researchers and specialists dealing with the science and technology policy issues.


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